How to Engraving a Real Grayscale Picture?

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    Hey ,friends,In this quick instructable, I am gonna show you how to engrave real grayscale picture on wood with our laser engraving machine -D8-4050P ,500mW.

    I am by no means an expert and if you know of a better way, feel free to join us in the .

    Step 1: Prepare Excellent Quality Photo(The picture is clear, the facial features of the characters are clear and without variegated)
    If the picture not really good ,you should edit the picture with photoshop .


    Step 2: Load the photo to Engraver Master

    Choose the best one or the one you like.

    Then start engraving,don’t forget test the size before engraving.

    Grayscale engraving is a less-used engraving mode,that requires patience and the details of the engraving are very good.

    If you requires fast engraving.Please use NC Sender mode.

    Here are the work on wood:


    Here are the work on paper:

    We look forward to your sharing.👏 👏 ☺ ☺

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    this laser foto half-tone system is my design.
    it is the best way to render gray-scale images.
    i have purchased 2 of your 40x50 machines
    they would be very nice if they used my system for foto rendering.
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    i am prepared to deliver all the files for you to produce the controller
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    provide me with 2 conversion kits and all that is yours to make your machine the best foto rendering laser engraver on the market.

  • 36 shade half.tone steam punk babe
    36 shade half.tone rendering.
    you know that no other foto laser system can come close to that.
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  • how about 64 shades?
    alt text

  • I"m thrilled we were able to make the deal!
    When will you be able to make the halftone.laser foto engravure system available to customers?

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    did something bad happen?

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    @cofc My dear friend ,everything is ok .

  • @ljx i am so glad!
    please email!