Proposals for new features for Engraver Master

  • Hi! I'm an enthusiast hobbyst owner of a 4050 laser.
    The machine is a great tool, but your Engraver master software is fantastic !

    I have some proposal to introduce new features if possible:

    1. have a specific setting to very slow cutting (with a 5,5w laser i can cut 5mm acrylic): about this, i've noticed that at slowest speed (15) preview was not functioning, and somehow program crashed.
    2. have in some windows (better in first tab-or a tab with command to manual move the laser head) a specific part to "manual cut" : for example, it could be useful to issue in a fast way the command "move y+1 cm at 30 speed"
    3. have function "keyboard jog", to move laser head in 2 axis and turn on/off or low power (or change speed) with numeric keypad
    4. have setting to manually choose with ease speed for "test size funcion" and laser head moviments function (and not only cutting/engraving speed)
    5. and very important for PCB making (aka laser engraving to remove black paint on PCB before acid bath incision), it was great to have funcions:
    • to scale with precision JPG or BPM for PCB images cutting, to assure perfect size corrispondence from original image and the laser-engraved one;
    • to alingn PCB position with laser (turn laser on low power, manually moving it to force a precise x0y0 position, or better to manually imput actual position values
    • for the goal to assure PCB straight orientation, to move a lot (for example10cm) in X axis laser with laser low power and then move Y axis, to assure PCB is placed in straight position on table
    • the best could be a function in program to allow to click on a precise point of the preview and then move axis to the corrispondent point with laser on low power, to visually check perfect coincidence of reference holes already present in PCB after starting laser engraving.

    Thank you for patience in reading the above... and good work!

  • administrators


    Thank you for your feedback and valuable suggestions .

    This is very useful for us and for other friends(like :with a 5,5w laser i can cut 5mm acrylic;have function "keyboard jog").

    We will seriously update the new software to meet the needs of more people.

    All the valuable suggestions you mentioned above have been submitted to our technical team.we will share it with everyone in the first time when things done.

    Thank you again.

  • @ljx said in Proposals for new features for Engraver Master:

    function "keyboard jog"

    Hi! Thanks for the fast reply!
    About function "keyboard jog", what keys i must use to activate it?
    Good bye (and good work!).