Problem with x max rate , mm/min

  • Hi.
    I'm using Engraver Master V1.59.111.282 Build 2019-10-11 Windows 10. Grbl version is 1.1z
    I have a 2418 engraver.
    I have a problem with x max rate , mm/min and y max rate
    Every time when I'm in Device settings menu and try to change something for example Laser power --> clicking Save Settings button causes
    a change in Grbl Settings -> x max rate and y max rate values are changing to 5000.
    This is very annoying.
    No matter what I do or even when I don't change anything - clicking the Save settings button will change both values to 5000 which is too much.
    Seems like there is a bug in a software ( like behind save settings button there is fix value 5000 to write)
    How to force the software to keep x max rate , and y max rate at value which I want ?0_1576709452512_x max problem.jpg
    Could You advice something ?
    Thank You in advance.