How to engrave faster?

  • I have just upgrade the laser to a stronger one. So I need to make it engrave faster otherwise I will only have black burned pictures. There is no option to engrave faster in Print Picture tab. In NC sender tab, I can only go to max 3000 in speed. Doubling the steps in Device settings tab seems to do the trick. But then the work area in Print picture tab will be doubled as well. I want to engrave a 10x10cm picture. If I double the steps I will then have to divide the work area by two and the picture will still print 10x10cm. It's confusing. Is there other ways to make it engrave faster?

    I don't want to reduce the power of the laser. It will only beat the purpose of engraving fast.

  • administrators

    change the acceleration,the speed will faster.
    The Print Picture Tab can not change the picture size ,just change the working area ,you can change the size on NC Sender: