engaving and cutting leather

  • Have definitely hit a learning curve.

    Having gone through the reviews and specs etc we decided to go ahead with this purchase to add to our custom leather shop. Figuring if we can't get a smaller table top laser figured out, then we weren't going to invest in a larger one.

    Also the reviews state that Engraver Master is mac compatible...as much as that is true..check your version of mac os as only the newest versions are supported. Unless you also run windows on your particular mac.

    Assembly went smoothly. Quality of the parts seems on par with the cost. And the assembly youtube video is miles beyond the instructions included. A large HDPE white cutting board from a local kitchen supply works great as a surface under the materials. As its white so doesn't get "recognized"? by the laser and doesn't seem to take much, if any damage as of yet.

    Now we're all set up and trying to figure out appropriate power and focus settings and it has become a bit of a nightmare.

    Having a number of issues.

    1. Engraver master keeps crashing. Is there a fix or an alternative program?
    2. Difficulty finding the right focus settings with the llaser.is there an easier way to sort this out as opposed to trial and error?
    3. Has anyone narrowed down an appropriate power setting for veg tan leather?

    We are writing down further questions as we go for issues we dont see answered either here or with the youtube videos listed.

    Please reach out if you could help.

  • I've just started using the laser on leather too and did some tests on veg tan! Generally I have found that almost any setting will burn untreated leather quite well. The 2 settings I changed where speed and % power. At the highest speed (I think 3000?) and 30% power I got decent results.
    Afterwards I found the leather had a layer of black soot on it that could be washed off. I just ran it under a running tap and brushed it off with my thumbs, let it dry and then sealed it with some neatsfoot.

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    Generally speaking, for laser engraving, the focus must be adjusted first, the laser light spot must be adjusted to the minimum and the brightest, and the second is the material . Most of the white materials will reflect light and make it impossible to burn.
    1-Engraver master keeps crashing is normal,
    2-What laser power do you have?