Bugfix request and suggestion for improvements for Engraver Master with 4050

  • 0_1591525014403_PCB full line.jpg Hi! I use a 4050 for PCB engraving on black painted copper boards: your machine and your software are wonderful!
    Some suggestions/bugfix:

    1. Using the same file (2400 DPI JPG file of a PCB: if you want, gimme a email address and I will send it to you for testing), engraving in “NC sender” tab, gives different results in “full mode” or “line”, either at same speed and same other parameters.
      Attached is photo of the result:
      -below is “line”, engraved correctly”, except for small tracks (tracks of identical width in original design, are engraved thinner if placed vertically, and engraved correct width if placed horizontally...?);
      -above is “full mode”, here you can find strange horizontal lines, that ruined and made unuseful the result: these lines could be derived from a bug in image rendering -> GCODE/NC routine?
    2. Please add CM rulers in the “NC sender” view, same as the “Print picture” view.
    3. In “NC sender” view, when I load JPG file of PCB, the program places the imagine shifted to left about 1 cm (you can notice, in the attached image, the border and the angle of pcb: horizontal borders are adherent to x axis, vertical border is shifted to left): could you align perfectly loaded image origins to XY of Engraver master view? (or please add option to set x/y shift when load file, of in Device setting)
    4. In “NC sender”, “Load picture”, could you add options to force image load for a precise DPI/size? For example, I need to force the image load for 1200 DPI, so the program calculate precise dimension of image for exact size engraving.
    5. If possible, add mirror/rotate/invert function either in “NC sender” view.
    6. If possible, add in Device setting a slider to set speed of laser head movement only for function “Test size”, because it could be useful to see slowly moving laser in same scenarios.
    7. Some laser spots are not perfectly round or square, but rectangular, and it affect final results (some PCB tracks are engraved in different size if layer horizontally instead of vertically): could you add in Device setting a function to define laser spot size and shape ?
      Thanks in advance for your effort to make better your software !
      ![0_1591524117318_0499e0c1-39fe-4040-90b4-92aef6b562e9-image.png](Uploading 100%)
      0_1591525034849_Annotazione 2020-06-07 121156.jpg