Bachin Draw T-2039 -- Pictures for DIY Christmas card

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    You need the follow stuffs : Bachin Draw T-2-39 ,Black cardboard paper and Black cardboard Dedicated Pen .

    STEP 1. Create the file that you need. We provide some of that:
    2_1544173963580_QQ图片20181207171152.png 1_1544173963580_QQ图片20181207171139.png 0_1544173963579_QQ图片20181207171122.png

    Download more:

    If you want more special picture , you can download from Google and convert to SVG format (inkscape). We will load some related tutorial later.

    STEP 2. Load the SVG file to the software -Bachn Draw ,and then star.

    see the effect:



    Welcome everyone to share or provide suggestions!Thank you!